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Interview: Business Advice From Kenneth Teo

Welcome a new month with our latest Team Spotlight and Power Hour!
Episode 3 features Kenneth Teo, our Senior Vice President — Investor Relations and Specia…

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Why Tesla Buying Bitcoin is Even Bigger News than it Seems!

Those who checked Bitcoin’s (BTC) price over 8th-9th February (~+20%) might have experienced a confluent state of excitement and confusion. The collective intensity of the sound waves emanating from the shouts of joy of Bitcoin ‘HODLers’ all over the…

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How Cryptocurrencies are Gamechangers for Charity & Philanthropy

Driving Financial Inclusion whilst enabling broader acceptance has always been the mission of WadzPay. With the adoption of Blockchain technology, transactions will be more accessible, scalable, agile, and efficient than ever before. As we move forwa…

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