الرئيس التنفيذي لـ«وداز باي» يوضح كيف تسهل #البلوكتشين رحلة #الحج و #العمرة .

06 September 2023

يخلط الكثيرون بين مفهومي (البلوكتشين و#الكريبتو)، ويوضح خالد محرم الرئيس التنفيذي لـ«وداز باي» الفارق بين التقنيتين، ويوضح كيف تسهل #البلوكتشين رحلة #الحج والعمرة.

Khaled Moharem, President, Middle East of WadzPay, shares insights at Sibos Amsterdam 2022.

01 September 2023

We had the opportunity to sit down with Khaled Moharem, President, Middle East at WadzPay, during Sibos 2022 in Amsterdam

Interview with Mr. Khaled Moharem, President of WadzPay MENA Ep_167_

01 September 2023

Payments are on the verge of a technology explosion that will change its world, and professionals, governments, and consumers better get ready. Technological disruption is affecting all corners of the business. What’s in store for payment technology

XDC Network AMA with WadzPay

01 September 2023

We have started XDC Network Ask Me Anything (AMA) series with various partners and app teams who have their projects on the XinFin XDC network. Objective is to create awareness on the XDC network ecosystem – partners, project owners and other stakeholders along with their offerings and scale the community.

WadzPay's Parv Aggarwal: “We allow anyone to pay for anything with anything”

01 September 2023

Parv Aggarwal, head of partnerships at WadzPay, talks about the company's mission to integrate payments between the physical currency world and the metaverse via cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, and CBDCs on its distributed ledger and blockchain-based Atlytica payment engine.


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