CBDCs are virtual forms of fiat currency, backed by central banks, that allow for greater financial inclusion and last mile connectivity. They provide more agility, transparency and effectiveness in payment systems compared to traditional fiat money to provide decentralization, non-repudiation, immutability and smart contracts. Smart contracts replace trusted intermediaries and reduce the scope of manipulation, therefore revolutionizing the way payments are used and processed.


WadzPay CBDC Platform offers a comprehensive turnkey solution for Central Banks, Commercial Banks and Merchants to manage, distribute and accept CBDC payments. The solution is secure, cost-effective, reliable and supported by a flexible SOA-based architecture. It allows for multi-product operations, as well as instant CBDC checkout options for consumers on POS and E-Commerce websites. It can also support a variety of CBDC payment related use cases depending on the jurisdiction's need and payment infrastructure.

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*WadzPay is a B2B technology provider. All regulated activities featured in WadzPay 2.0 are conducted by licensed entities in applicable jurisdictions.