WadzPay 2.0

WazPay 2.0 provides a unique new architecture which is primarily based on the Algorand blockchain with inbuilt support for several others such as Ethereum, Tron, Avalanche and new ones getting added. WadzPay 2.0 construct is designed in line with evolving regulatory and licensing regime, emerging needs of Banks, Financial Institutions, Telcos, and Central Banks.

WadzPay 2.0 boasts several integration options and remarkable features such as:

  • eKYC solution with biometric verification for seamless user onboarding
  • Real-time fraud detection, customer screening, and transaction monitoring
  • Multi-signature custodial wallet with multiple-level hierarchy and password management*
  • Internal and External wallet transfers
  • Push/Pull payment options with transaction notifications
  • Customized reports in several industry standard formats
  • Issuer and Merchant Dashboard with seven layers of Hierarchy control
  • Multi-currency acceptance at POS terminals and e-commerce portals with QR code support
  • Settlement in virtual assets or fiat of choice, supported by ON/OFF ramping solutions powered by regulated networks*
  • On-chain refunds, including multiple refunds on a single transaction
  • Inbuilt volatility management solutions
  • Improved transaction speeds on Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains
WadzPay is utilising
  • Blockchain for transaction processing
  • Standard Assets (ASA) for On-chain storage of funds
  • Distributed ledger for wallet management
  • Manage transaction finality for BTC and ETH based transactions
  • Bosonic is a real-time clearing and settlement network that assists WadzPay to convert virtual assets at attractive rates

The WadzPay 2.0 is modular and configurable, designed to adapt to different regulatory, licensing and banking requirements in various jurisdictions while adhering to guidelines such as KYC/KYB/KYT, custody services, limits, and other controls.

All current and future customers will gain access to the distinctive features of WadzPay 2.0.

Enhance Support Infrastructures

  • 24/7 Customer Help Desk for addressing any customer queries/complaints

  • High availability hosting infrastructure and network for enabling digital transactions end-to-end using underlying blockchain technologies and smart contracts

  • Industry-standard compliance tools for customer onboarding, fraud detection and transaction monitoring

Behind Wadzpay 2.0 And Web3 - Fact Sheet

  • WadzPay 2.0 is compatible for issuing and acquiring processing payment transactions.

  • It enables the institution to integrate WadzPay solution dApps and issue virtual assets wallets to the customers.

  • WadzPay 2.0 has focused on integrating the right set of tools for the best consumer experience, safe and secure custody and transaction processing.

  • WadzPay 2.0 solution leverages the benefit of Algorand blockchain (enhanced security, faster transaction speed, improved finality, extraordinarily cost-effective and energy-efficient)

Before downloading the e-brochure, kindly provide the required information.


*WadzPay is a B2B technology provider. All regulated activities featured in WadzPay 2.0 are conducted by licensed entities in applicable jurisdictions.