WadzPay Worldwide Provides Aid to Local Communities in Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia (today), WadzPay, a Singapore leading blockchain-based payment platform, through WadzPay Philantrophy Program, reached out to the local communities, South Kuta, to provides essential goods and supplies to the less fortunate.

The program aids more than 100 local communities. Bali is among the hardest hit by the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which has put global travels to a halt since March last year. Since then, foreign tourists have left Bali. The hotel occupancy rate dropped each month. The economic impact is felt not only by hotel owners or resort managers but also their employees and those working in supply chains of the business that are forced to adapt to survive.

The central government plans to ease restrictions in Bali to allow some tourist destinations to be opened and cinemas to operate at 50 per cent capacity to help the local economy recover. Another option is allowing a limited number of fully vaccinated foreign tourists from low-risk countries to visit without quarantine.

Following the aid program in Bali, WadzPay will continue to run a similar program in India. The aid program is still focused to tackle on starvation, education and technology gap issues.  

WadzPay Philanthropy is an initiative to have an enduring impact on the communities where we live and do business. Each year WadzPay sponsors two underprivileged children in developing countries. The children will be offered job opportunities across WadzPay offices worldwide once they finish their education; WadzPay also launched Disaster Relief Programs in 2018 to offers free support and services to all disaster relief programs.

“We wish to engage our employees in our community engagement activities, embed philanthropy with our talent development efforts and make a difference throughout the world.” Stated Anish Jain, Managing Director and CEO of WadzPay. 

Those who participated in the CSR activity include the WadzPay team based in Indonesia and a couple of volunteers from the community, and this activity was conducted based on strict Covid 19 safety measurement protocol. 

WadzPay is working with government agencies in Indonesia and supporting various welfare programs for underprivileged communities. 

About WadzPay   

WadzPay is building an interoperable and agnostic blockchain-based payments ecosystem. The company was founded in 2018 in Singapore and is currently operating in South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa. WadzPay saw the potential for CBDC and Digital Assets to lead the next revolution in the payments industry: enabling faster payments, improvements in security, and cost-efficiency with optionality. WadzPay is working with large international payment companies, banks, and global companies to enable digital asset-based transaction processing and settlement. 



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