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We are leading the next revolution of digital asset based payments by enabling efficient and secured transactions which provide optionality and inclusion for all.


WadzPay is building an interoperable and agnostic blockchain-based payments ecosystem. The company was founded in 2018 in Singapore and is currently operating in South East Asia, South Asia, Middle East and Africa. We saw the potential for CBDC and Digital Assets leading the next revolution in the payments industry: by enabling faster payments, improvements in security, cost efficiency with optionality. We are working with large international payment companies, banks and other large global companies to enable digital asset-based transaction processing and settlement.

Anish Jain

Address from the Founder

Legacy card networks have remained fragmented across different geographies. The biggest regulatory shift for a generation — Open Banking and Digital Currency — are coming to fruition, allowing a radical rethinking of how financial data is used and payments are made. As consumerism in emerging markets comes online, they’re bypassing card payments altogether for e-wallets. Each requires new infrastructure and approaches. That’s before we even touch on the acceleration of e-commerce adoption caused by COVID-19 or the huge opportunities on the B2B side. At the same time, we’re reaching a level of maturation among e-commerce businesses, where they’re starting to outgrow their initial payment providers. They need to evolve their payment strategies in order to improve conversion rates (particularly as they expand internationally) while trying to reduce fees.

WadzPay Advisors

WadzPay was founded in 2018 by bringing together payments and technology experts with a unified goal of delivering a new sustainable, and scalable digital payments ecosystem that improves transaction efficiencies and consumer experiences via automation.

WadzPay Advisors is an initiative where we have assembled best in class service providers in the payments, technology and security industry. Together we are able to deliver turnkey solutions to your every need.

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The Future?

“There’s a lot going on in the digital currency space, with many governments around the world evaluating central bank digital currencies. When a country chooses to issue its own CBDC (like the pilots we’ve seen in countries like Sweden or China or instead), it provides a regulatory framework for private stable points or otherwise pursues both public and private options in parallel.”

“This year, we plan on adding digital currency directly on our network, enabling our partners to take advantage of our acceptance reach and settlement capabilities. This will give choice and flexibility for consumers and merchants for what currency they want to use or receive.”

– Michael Miebach, CEO of Mastercard


We are working with global leaders in Payment Processing and Banking across the globe with focus on Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

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