WadzPay x Algorand Announcement Campaign, Behind the Clues

WadzPay x Algorand Announcement Campaign, Behind the Clues

The WadzPay x Algorand Announcement Campaign was an Ozark-inspired 4-part series that showcased different clues. But why did we take this marketing route, and what exactly did those clues represent?

“Build something truly impactful with Algorand”

Algorand by nature is a high-performance, next-generation blockchain like no other; its ecosystem is innovative and use cases are diverse. Founded in 2017 by Turing award winner, computer scientist and MIT professor, Silvio Micali, Algorand is a decentralised, scalable, quick, and secure blockchain infrastructure and the first to solve Ethereum founder Buterin's Blockchain trilemma.

To commemorate such an astounding partnership, WadzPay wanted to deliver a truly impactful marketing campaign, which would not only engage the blockchain and payments community, allowing them to be part of the journey from the beginning, but would also spread awareness about the current scope of its new partner—Algorand, WadzPay's own strengthened abilities, and the use cases they will unlock together.

So, let's break down some of the clues…

Magnifying glass: First of all, the magnifying glass, an icon of the #GetSleuthing #GuessThePartner mystery, and the start of many more creative campaigns to come—that may be much trickier to solve, as WadzPay absolutely loved the community's reaction, engagement, and ideas.

Blurred icons: Smiley face, robot and coffee cup, which were made clear in Part 2.

Art: This icon represents Algorand's core technology designed to support all digital assets, including NFTs. Algorand's NFT ecosystem is vibrant and focuses on wealth creation and participation, increased ownership, revenue opportunities, increased market accessibility and nominal transaction fees, all of which democratises the process from creation to transactions. Most recently, Algorand will be leveraging its blockchain to power LimeWire's NFT marketplace.

Smiley face: Smile Coin (SMILE), a Web3 project, is part of Algorand's Gaming and DeFi ecosystem and focuses on decentralising the gaming industry. Its purpose is to tackle unjust banking regulations, solve high fees and increase payment processing.

Robot: An ode to Sophia the Robot, the first robot citizen for the United Nations Development Programme, who joined Algorand's creator economy to mint AI-Powered NFTs on Algorand's blockchain infrastructure.

Coffee cup: This icon represents the first European coffee producer to enable digital currency payments using Algorand's award-winning blockchain platform.

Drone: Algorand currently provides blockchain-enabled ticketing, collectables, fan transactions and NFTs for the Drone Racing Leagues World Championship Season events, enabling many to race drones for digital asset rewards, transforming the face of pay-to-earn sports games as we know it.

Hummingbird: This icon represents Hummingbot, an open-source toolbox for professional liquidity providers, bringing liquidity mining to Algorand's DeFi ecosystem. Algorand's technology provides an effective system for stablecoins payments, and its blockchain allows simple distribution of earned mining rewards.

Security badge: This icon represents multiple securities built on Algorand's pioneer blockchain, including Republic, Archax, Stonize, Securitize and Delchain. Algorand's protocol provides simplified asset creation, instant economic exchange, and almost-instant transaction finality, it is the blockchain of choice for digital securities issuers.

Eco-friendly: Algorand is one of the only carbon-negative blockchain networks, its inimitable consensus mechanism makes its technology the most energy efficient. Algorand currently provides use cases for PlanetWatch, ClimateTrade, and Global Carbon Holding.

Al Gore: A pure play on words if you haven't guessed, and an ode to the Reddit community. Al Gore & = Algorand.

CBDC: Algorand has had success with CBDC issuance solutions. This will be one of the core pillars that we will collaborate with Algorand on, to service our Central Bank partners.

Globe: Algorand technology has broad global reach, with adoption across all populated continents.

Algorand logo: Introducing our new partner. WadzPay x Algorand will be bringing blockchain based payments to the masses and Driving Blockchain Adoption.

So, What's Next?

WadzPay looks forward to integrating with the Algorand platform and bringing near-instant finality and eventually 46,000 transactions per second speeds to our partners. The near-term scope for collaboration includes, but is not limited to: integrating WadzPay's digital wallet ecosystem with the Algorand blockchain; exploring white-labelled solutions focusing on real-time POS payments, wallet and e-Commerce products for WadzPay and its customers; leveraging Algorand for remittances where licensed exchange houses or digital banks in various corridors are using WadzPay’s suite of services; reinventing loyalty by introducing tradable programs on both permissioned and hybrid blockchain networks, aimed at attracting coalition plays; and utilising the Algorand network for novel gaming and NFT projects.