WadzPay Launches a Seamless Customer Support Capability for Clients Around the Globe

WadzPay Launches a Seamless Customer Support Capability for Clients Around the Globe

In the past year, WadzPay has been focusing on our Support mission “To ensure Customer happiness through a Quality Service Delivery and building strong Customer relationship by being responsive to Customer needs and providing value to them.”

As part of our continuous effort to provide the best possible Services to our Clients, we are now ready to offer what the Clients need the most to be able to focus on their business and let us work in the background to handle any issues/feedbacks mentioned by them. 

WadzPay is thrilled to announce the launch of our Customer Support Capability for our Clients. The focus all this while has been on setting up Support capabilities on a new platform that will improve the services that we offer to our clients by increasing transparency, access to information and better management tools.

We have set up a 24/7 Support capability and will continue to expand the Support footprint. Our focus shall remain on Continual Improvement on all the aspects of Customer Support, and we would soon be going ahead for gathering Customer Feedbacks and Customer Satisfaction Surveys. The integral components of our Support Capabilities are listed below:

Knowledge Base Articles

We have a Knowledge Base published for access at all levels that will continue to expand as we grow and serve more clients over time. The Knowledge Base has articles that can be accessed by the Customers even before raising the tickets on our portal. As they will continue to enter keywords in the Search box, the articles will keep on getting listed and they can select the most relevant ones for their reference.

Contact Center

We have setup a Contact Center that handles Voice Support with the help of a dedicated team of Call Center Executives who are available for handling any queries raised by our clients. Our Call Center Solution is made to make the process efficient, improve productivity & enhance customer experience. 

It offers an all-in-one, adaptive and flexible contact center platform that supports transforming the telephone-oriented call center to a true multi-tenant & two-way interaction hub providing Omni Channel access capabilities. The key benefits of our Contact Center Solution are:

  •    • Improve call Quality
  •    • Enhance Customer Service Management
  •    • Enhance Productivity & Efficiency
  •    • Increase Customer Experience
  •    • Multi-channel Support
  •    • Enhance Data Access
  •    • Improve Reporting Analytics

Customer Support Portal

We have set up Support portals on top of our IT Service Management toolset that helps our customers raise tickets with us. Our customer portal gives the Customers a view of their tickets and their statuses. The Customers shall also have the escalation capability for any ticket.

The internal view of the Customer Support toolset provides very extensive information to our Support Agents and has workflows catering to Incident Management, Service Request Fulfillment and Problem Management Capabilities. We also have an Internal Change Management process that keeps a tight control on the Production Deployments and helps us publish a Forward Schedule of Change to our Customers, thus providing them with a better planning window. 

We have the workflows setup that are tied to Service SLAs for initial responses and Service restoration/resolution to our clients. The whole System can be internally monitored by the Management with the help of effective and powerful dash boards that provide drill down capabilities to the minutest levels.


We also have a Chatbot enabled on our Customer Support portal that will provide our Clients with a Self-Service Capability to the articles published in our Knowledge Base. This Chatbot provides various options to our customers.

     Provide automated responses/links to articles.

   • Route to Live agents for chat

   • Raise tickets on behalf of Customers

Level 2 Production Support Team

We have also set up a dedicated 24/7 Level 2 Support team that responds to Clients tickets raised via the Customer specific Support portal. 

The queries/tickets raised by our clients are picked up by the Level 1/Level 2 team members who would immediately triage and troubleshoot the issues based on their skillsets and this team comprises of Analysts, Database Experts and Application experts working on multiple technologies focusing the Clients satisfaction. Our Support teams are skilled in various technologies related to ITSM/Database/Monitoring systems/Log Analysis/AWS etc. 

Level 3 Subject Matter Experts 

Our Level 1 and Level 2 Support teams are further supported by Level 3 team, which consists of Subject Matter Experts or SME's who can immediately focus on addressing Customer issues that need a deeper level of troubleshooting/solutioning. This team has the capability to provide workarounds & RCA’s and handle the bug fixes/feature enhancements which shall be prioritized by the Product Manager and tagged for Releases as per the Release management process.

Continual Improvement

Providing value to our Customer through our Support model is what we shall continue to focus on our Support roadmap. We shall remain open to feedback and strive for better support with each passing day. Continual improvement is the heart of our approach to serving better and we shall be conducting improvement reviews to keep the seat belts tightly fastened.

WadzPay is leading the way in providing seamless customer experience with the launch of our new, best-in-class global support capabilities! We are looking forward to serving you.


*WadzPay is a B2B technology provider. All regulated activities featured in WadzPay 2.0 are conducted by licensed entities in applicable jurisdictions.