WadzPay February 2022 Summary

WadzPay February 2022 Summary

Despite the fact February is the shortest month of the year, WadzPay was not short of achievements. On the 1st of February 2022, WadzPay announced that due to its remarkable growth over the past 3 years, its Global Headquarters now has a new home — Singapore Office!

In addition to this, WadzPay released episode 9 of its signature Team Spotlight & Power Hour, featuring Melcom Copeland — Group Head Market Development for Blockchain Payments. In the episode, Melcom explores and simplifies the blockchain realm with the topic: How to explain what Blockchain is to someone who does not understand it.

As the month of February evolved, so did WadzPay’s seizure of opportunities. On February 8th, Hypebeast expressed their excitement for the Frontera, WadzPay & Tokoin collaboration, featuring new NFT’s in an upcoming project — due to be launched in March. On February 14th, WadzPay ran its very own Valentine’s Day competition with a total of 15,000 WTK in prizes up for grabs! Almost 700 contestants took part and tried their luck by spinning WadzPay’s Wheel of Love — it was a competition to remember.

Following Valentine’s Day, WadzPay officially set up its New Legal Entity — WadzPay Technologies, in Indonesia. With this new expansion, WadzPay now has a physical presence in Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia, Delhi and Dubai, with even more geographies to come. This will allow WadzPay to expand its footprint, explore different horizons, and take larger strides towards the global adoption of our solutions within the digital finance ecosystem.

In addition to this, WadzPay expanded further by adding two more executives to the team: Parag Khanna and Jonathan Tay.

Parag Khanna — Senior Vice President Business Development for the Middle East & North Africa Region, he will be responsible for driving sales and creating alliances for WadzPay. Prior to WadzPay, Parag worked in multiple leadership roles with top telecom operators like Airtel, Reliance, Vodafone & Idea Cellular and startups including Cellucom VAS & Carrier Devices LLC.

Jonathan Tay — Senior Vice President & Group General Counsel. Jonathan is a Singapore qualified lawyer, whose experience includes litigation, insolvency, and arbitration work. Prior to WadzPay, he worked alongside Priority Token Asia, INFT Group & NeoBanking Fintech.

With the addition of Parag and Jonathan, WadzPay closed the month of February at an incredible 52 headcount, with further plans to accelerate its growth over the next few months.