Wadz Establishes Strategic Partnership with Tomo Global

2 December 19

We are ecstatic to announce our strategic partnership with Tomo Global to jointly enhance the growth of the SEA internet economy through the use of Blockchain technology.

Tomo Global is an independent, community-driven organization, dedicated to transforming flows of value, governance, finance and virtually every aspect of our society with TomoChain protocol.

With a wealth of experience in the finance and Blockchain sector, co-founders of Tomo Global Tomas Povilaitis and Darius Rugevicius will actively advise on various functions of Wadz — such as regional expansions, technology implementations, partnerships and business development.

Tomo Global will also facilitate in the migration of WadsToken (WTK) to TomoChain to enable cost-efficient and even quicker transactions in the Wadz ecosystem through TomoChain’s revolutionary protocol.

We are extremely excited to embark on our journey with Tomo Global! Tomo Global’s expertise will bring great value to us and will be instrumental in bringing us closer to our vision.

If you wish to know more about Tomo Global, head on to their twitter page!

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