Our commitment to customers is paramount.

Our commitment to customers is paramount. Security and data privacy are critical foundations to enable the trust that is required for long term acceptance and mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. We want to provide complete peace of mind when you use WadzPay platform services.

Security Partners

Our Approach to Security

Ensuring uninterrupted access to your funds is our priority and we treat your currencies like our own ensuring that they are secure and protected. We use best in class methods to offer you these protections through partners with industry leaders for keys, wallets and consumer protections.

How Your Private Keys are Secured

We use Hashicorp Vault to store all private keys. We have custom extensions for the Vault that sign each raw transaction. We never provide keys as output. To know more around vault features and security please visit

Core Platform

Infrastructure and Tools​

WadzPay leverages Google Cloud Services and its security capabilities, Cloudflare for defense against DDoS, network level attacks, and traffic encryption. ​

Internal Controls & Fraud Prevention

Layer 22

Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer Systems

We use a state of the art AML/KYC platform, provided by iOTech solutions. This technology is designed to support digital businesses driving compliance. Extensive KYC checks, including name screening, ID and biometric verification, risk rating analysis and transaction monitoring all ensure that onboarding is easy but also safe and secure.

Layer 24

Fraud Prevention

We use a secondary system to control the flow of users to reduce fraud rates and increase conversions. This implements data enrichment and improves decision making with their AI-powered solutions. We instantly receive background information to create complete user profiles, flag fraudsters and remove suspicion.

Layer 28

Crypto Analysis Risk Assessment

We partner with Uppsala to monitor and take appropriate action on external threat indicators including URLs, tokens and other data. We prevent interaction from potential bad actors based on a database of over 50 million suspect sources which is growing all the time.
All our internal controls are reviewed and overseen by an internal compliance team.