Gamers all over the world are known to spend money on buying in-game power ups, tokens, skins, and other digital assets such as NFTs. Most of these top ups occur via Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit cards, gift cards, and gaming vouchers. WadzPay can enable digital currency as an alternative payment option to existing ones. Customers are offered the feature to pay for goods and services directly from their digital wallet without the need to convert to fiat currency to make purchases.
With WadzPay gaming operators, producers, and publishers can accept digital currency deposits, and payments risk free and settle in your preferred fiat currency.


Please note that the availability of the products and services on WadzPay's website is subject to jurisdictional limitations.

Business Benefits

  • Gaming operator gets paid in their fiat of choice

  • No risk, no volatility through instant conversion to stable coin at the best rate available

  • Improved level of overall security and accountability

  • Cost-Efficiency and Low Transaction Fees

  • Instant and Borderless transactions

  • No chargebacks on digital currency payments


  • Digital currency and wallet agnostic

  • Supports internal ecosystem wallet to wallet transfers

  • Supports external deposits and withdrawals from 3rd party wallets

  • Seamless and frictionless fiat to digital currency on-ramping services


These images are conceptual and not a final indication of the product