Merchant Account Manager

“MAM” is the most advanced tool ever developed to meet all Merchant needs.

Merchant Account Manager

The tool allows easy integration of traditional and emerging payment methods into a single API. Allowing businesses to dynamically route each payment to the most effective provider (optimising cost); easily add new payment providers or services (e.g., the latest Buy Now Pay Later solution, or alternative payment method); and massively simplify the backend reporting and reconciliation that comes with using multiple providers.


  • Accept all payment types digital, card, cash register, etc.
  • Make settlements in fiat or digital currencies
  • Pricing and Interchange Management
  • Custom rules and market regulations
  • Generate transaction reports
  • Dispute and refund transactions
  • Manage outlet and employee hierarchy
  • Allows integration into most POS terminals
  • Built on react.js, enabling responsiveness on all devices