Interview with Renda Rahmi: the Latest Trends People Need to Keep Their Eyes on about Blockchain-Based Payments

Interview with Renda Rahmi: the Latest Trends People Need to Keep Their Eyes on about Blockchain-Based Payments

Written by : Renda Rahmi

Team Spotlight & Power Hour Episode 16 features Renda Rahmi — Vice President Marketing at WadzPay.

Hear from
her on what is coming next for WadzPay and her thoughts about the latest trends
that people need to keep their eyes on about blockchain-based payments.

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Team Spotlight

Tell me
how you got started in your career. And what makes you passionate about being a
marketer in a blockchain space?

I started
my career with a marketing background; I have worked in different industries,
B2B and B2C, fashion and lifestyle, FMCG, and technology. I grew fond of the
tech industry over the past several years and now I work in the blockchain
payments space. I find blockchain technology very interesting, and in the
future, as payment innovation evolves, it will become more effective.

run us through what a day in the life of ­WadzPay’s Vice President — Marketing
and the team?

I always
start my week by prioritizing deadlines & monitoring pending tasks within
my team, solving bottlenecks — how to make us work as a team efficiently and
how to achieve it together, whether its duties for the internal team or
external department.

excellent start to the day; I will say I go to the gym at 6:00AM for two hours.
After that, I focus on mine and my teams’ goals. I would like to ensure we
achieve all our tasks before any deadlines, even if there is a bottleneck; we
work together to source the problem solver for each issue we are facing.

life is challenging, yet rewarding at the same time. It allows us to be
creative and test the water to see what works, and what does not; as the
blockchain industry is relatively new, we always need to ensure what we are
doing is in line with regulatory requirements.

What is
the most valuable lesson you have learned about being a marketer in the
blockchain sector, especially in payments?

I found
that during my day-to-day, when it comes to payment, KYC, the security, and
privacy of our customers are priority. Blockchain offers us plenty of benefits,
from fraud prevention and flexibility to security. As you are aware, when we
pay for a product or service, and transact, we may be insecure in regard to the
safety of our data.

blockchain marketers, on the other hand, we must educate the mass market about
blockchain technology, especially the perception regarding crypto; blockchain
technology, despite common misconception, is not just about crypto. It can be
applied to different sectors. The challenge for blockchain marketers these days
is to educate and convey a message that there is significant benefit behind
blockchain technology-based, especially in payment sectors, such as cheaper
fees, real-time transfer & security — and it must come hand in hand in
order for us to deliver excellent service.

Tell us
your weekend habit and what is one thing most people don’t know about you.

At the
weekend, I always spare time to recharge. I love quality time with myself,
going to the beach, SPA or anywhere nice by myself to reconnect. It is crucial
to spend spare time alone, to assess what thoughts you may have and then when
you go back to work when the week starts, you can give 100% to your
professional life.

Power Hour

What do
you envision about the current campaign “WadzPay Moments”? What impact are you
trying to bring?

payment is part of our daily basis; you cannot miss a day without transacting,
which means payment transactions can hold sentimental value. For example, if
you are a student, you have been saving your pocket money to go to that
concert. Or remember, on the day you purchase your first house, the first car,
it brings a joyful sense of satisfaction and validation for yourself.

We want
to tie the WadzPay moments campaign to every special & sentimental moment
in our lives that not every transaction is materialized but can also be

What is
the latest trend people need to keep their eyes on about blockchain-based

As you
are aware, we are moving forward with digital currencies. Some countries plan
to have digital currency for their central bank, the concept of NFT as well;
these are the trends that we need to watch; they will be evolving in the
future. We might have something else, and maybe it’s not NFT but similar to
that concept. So we own everything digital.

tell us what excitement you look forward to as a marketer in WadzPay.

looking forward to the innovation for WadzPay and the industry itself; when the
ecosystem grows right and the environment improves, we can see how those
improvements will impact us daily. I think it would be fascinating to see how
we deal with these changes in the future.

What have
you done earlier if you could start your career in the blockchain space a long
time back?

I would
like to understand digital currency better and how investments can also
involve; which I find very interesting. If I knew that in the beginning, it
would be a greater deal for my current carrier now.

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