Use the WadzPay wallet and app

The WadzPay App is available to download on the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

The WadzPay App functions as a digital currency wallet. You can use it to send and receive digital currency payments to and from anyone else with the App, or a WadzPay merchant.

We cannot process returns or refunds for transactions made between non-merchant registered WadzPay partners (peer to peer). For merchant transactions, this will depend on the merchant’s refund policy.

Transaction history is easy to access via your Personal Dashboard. Tap on ‘See All’ next to transactions to sort your history by transaction type. You can also filter transactions by tapping the icon in the top left for more options.

After you have created a WadzPay account, you will want to make sure it has funds. To load your wallet, you need to have cryptocurrency either in another wallet or an exchange.

Select ‘Receive’ in the WadzPay app, select the currency you wish to receive, and copy your address. Send the supported currency from your other wallet or exchange to this address.

Tap on the ‘forgotten password’ icon on the WadzPay app account login screen.

We intend for anyone to be able to download and register a personal account through the WadzPay App. There will be a progressive rollout of WadzPay and country-specific restrictions may apply based on local regulations.

When merchant payments are live in Q1 2021, we will provide a guide to merchant refunds and refund processes. Merchant refunds will proceed according to individual merchant refund policies.

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