Make payments with digital currencies

We don’t sell digital currencies. However, you can purchase them from digital currency exchanges such as BitMart, or sellers such as Coinbase.

With the WadzPay App, it’s simple! Scan a WadzPay merchant’s QR code, enter the payment amount and approve the transaction.

We currently support WadzPay Token (WTK), Bitcoin and Ethereum. We plan to support all other digital currencies soon.

You can access your transaction history via the WadzPay App. Selecting a past transaction will show you a copy of the transacted amount. Receipts are issued by the retailer upon your request at the time of payment.

Confirmation is typically instant. Delays may occur due to network conditions. If a payment has not gone through after 4 hours, then please contact us.

Spending limits depend on your country, based on regulations. At certain limits, you may be required for another round of Know Your Customer (document verification), after which your limits will be unlocked.

We need to use your data to complete transactions on your behalf. The full details of how we use your data can be found in our Privacy Policy.

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