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"I pretty much went all in, but I learned a lot" - a confession from a first-time crypto trader.

Written by : Francisca Adinda

This article is purely personal opinion and experience, not investment advice.

The popularity of digital currencies (cryptocurrencies) in Indonesia is currently increasing. The largest exchange in Indonesia (Indodax) noted that the number of their users during the first half of 2021 increased by around 1 million users, with a total of 2.21 million users by the end of June 2021.

It is undeniable that people have become more active in seeking information about cryptocurrencies, either through social media, communities or following updates regarding the development of new startups joining the crypto ecosystem wagon.

It is no exception for me; starting with Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), I continued to explore crypto and eventually dragged myself directly into becoming a crypto trader. I am even willing to allocate my clothes shopping budget to invest in crypto; what a way to learn!

I agree that all women should at least know how to trade crypto, as an additional skillset: learning about managing finances independently, and how to invest appropriately. Trust me, you can’t ignore all of these technological updates, for better or worse.

The world is experiencing a generational shift into Millennials and Gen Z, where they are more technologically-savvy and open to innovations; seeking transparency at the next level. The technology that runs behind cryptocurrency is also impossible to ignore; this space has gone from curiosity to punchline to viable investment.

I signed up to various crypto market platforms such as Indodax & Tokocrypto. Based on my experience as a new trader, the psychological side is critical.

Reading a ‘candlestick’ is a roller coaster of emotion: seeing the chart’s up and down movement, and determining when is the right time to sell or buy the coin I want is exciting. Even though I only made a little margin or profit, my first trading experience at that time made me curious and addicted.

The popularity of crypto is also inseparable from the strong sentiment and forward-look from the community. So that you know, Dogecoin managed to become the most famous crypto throughout the last semester.

Indodax noted, Dogecoin managed to get a total trading volume of up to 33.5 trillion in 2021 and was followed by Bitcoin with a total of 24 trillion and Binance Coin at 19 trillion.

The popularity of Dogecoin cannot be separated from Elon Musk, who is known to openly support the crypto asset bearing the Shiba Inu dog logo. Elon, one of the wealthiest people in the world, often tweets something related to Dogecoin on his Twitter account; and most times when he provides information about Dogecoin, this asset soon rises.

The price of Doge, which is still relatively cheap, makes retail investors buy up this asset in substantial quantities so that the price can rise along with the high interest in Doge.

Indeed, from my experience and closest friends, one of the impetus for investing in crypto is that it is still significantly undervalued and has great potential.

The rise and fall of the coin’s price are unpredictable, so joining crypto communities is also very important to help predictions; they feel so passionate. Most of them find it for the investment, but they stay because they realise this is the new internet.

In line with the increasing popularity of crypto in Indonesia, the government is also paying attention. Starting from the Deputy Minister of Trade to BAPPEBTI (ICDX), they push these assets to be traded on the commodity futures exchange. Like other assets traded formally, crypto assets are also planned to be taxed, the rate of which is around 0.05%, or lower than shares subject to 0.1%.

Besides taxes, Indonesia is also reportedly open to the possibility of creating a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). The issuance of this CBDC is based on three considerations: a legal payment instrument in Indonesia, monetary policy, macroprudential and payment systems, and technology-based payment instruments.

I think cryptocurrency, in a nutshell, has gotten to a point where everyone is starting to take it seriously. Crypto is very sexy, and my experience being a crypto trader was challenging, but it’s worth trying.

I believe that with the emerging technology today and despite the hype, cryptocurrency can positively impact the world.


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Interview : Public Relation & Communications Insights From Francisca Adinda

Entering the last week of August, we are pleased to share our latest Team Spotlight & Power Hour!

Episode 5 features Francisca Adinda, our VP of PR & Communications, who shares why PR has always been a long game and requires adequate runway. Hear from her on what is next for WadzPay, and how she aims to deliver outstanding results and maintains a long relationship with the stakeholders to continue to be precisely where the company want to be.

Head to our Youtube Channel to listen to her insight.

Team Spotlight

How did you get into communications in a blockchain-based payment platform company?

Well, it’s a move that brings together 2 of my loves, PR and communications, which is a love and passion of mine!

 I’ve seen this industry as a fascinating space that drives a digital economy that relies on technology and innovation that support financial inclusion for everyone; it’s just so hard to ignore for better or worse!



What does it mean to be an effective communicator? And which skills help you be an effective communication specialist?

I believe in PR and communication by honesty; I would say the effective communicator, especially in WadzPay, focuses on product development, the problem in the market, and let the product quality and experience talk for themselves.

It’s going to be different if you are a communicator in the industry that creating new things. The communication strategy will be extra challenging because we need to make the audience understand what problem we are trying to solve. And the skill that helps me be an effective communicator is not rocket science but understanding the industry and knowing what the audience wants to hear.


What is your typical day as Head of PR and Communications at WazdPay?

First thing first, coffee! And I check what’s in the news globally, anything we can react to trending in the payment space, then checking my emails, some days will have endless calls meeting, some days I pitch to a journalist about WadzPay story.


What media outlets do you follow?

Mostly business media outlets that cover Asia and World update. CNA, CNBC, CNN is my top priority, blockchain-focused publication, and everything on Twitter!


What is the biggest PR win you ever receive at WadzPay?

As a communicator is increasing the share of voice of the brand and my CEO, we scored couples media footprint wins organically. But In WadzPay, we are just getting started!

Next for us is currently to deliver outstanding results and maintain our long relationships. PR has always been a long game and requires adequate runway. As the best results come from working in partnership over the long term. If we can maintain this relationship with our stakeholders, we will continue to be precisely where we want to be.

Power Hour


What steps do you take to establish effective internal communication?

Transparency, clarity using the right channel. We can create a great internal communications structure, but everything will go out of the window if it’s not transparent and clear enough.


What would you improve about WadzPay communications methods?

As a technology company, I hope the communications team would develop a skill set in which every strategy is created based on data-driven with the right message, channels, and practical communication measurement tools.


How do you tailor a message to a target audience?

There’s some method called “stakeholders mapping”. In the communications team, we identify our followers, audience communication style, what content they talk about, and which channel they are using. This is easier for us to communicate the same message differently and hope for a great result.


How do you develop trust in this industry?

Trust it is a long process to earn. In my perspective, our owned media has help boost trust. Our content in the newsroom has been helping to educate the audience; we gathered expert insights from different perspectives and different companies and invited various industry players to contribute. We create a micro and macro narrative to be discussed there. Some audience wants to hear what we have done in the market, but what we have not done also adds value for the audience.


What would you do if a campaign did not perform well?

Often, in PR, we pitch the story what we want to share but not what the audience wants to hear. The power of content is very critical. Journalist follow-up and casual conversation with them are an essential and integral part of a successful PR campaign; that way, we can get the journalist insight about what makes them write our story. So building a relationship with a journalist personally is one of the ways.

And when it comes to measurement, if we fail. The observation also comes from the industry trend, political situation that makes the audience maybe fatigue with our story. So it should come from a very different angle if we call it did not perform well.

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Tokoin X WadzPay AMA Recap - July 28

On July 28 2021, Tokoin held a joint AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with Anish Jain, CEO of WadzPay with Vici, Business Development of Tokoin, hosting this AMA. In this AMA, the speakers shared the latest development and let Tokoin Community know more about WadzPay.

Tokoin x WadzPay AMA

Tokoin — Vici:
Hello everyone! We’re back with another AMA! Today Anish Jain, the CEO of WadzPay will be here together with us to have a chat about our current partnership with WadzPay!

WadzPay — Anish:
Hi everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome Vici!

Tokoin — Vici:
Hello Anish! Welcome to Tokoin Global Official Group! how are you today? are you ready to start?🤩

WadzPay — Anish:
Sleepy and busy as always, haha. Let’s get started

Tokoin — Vici:
Alright! Let’s go!


Question no. 1: Could you please explain in a very simple way what WadzPay is to our audience?

WadzPay — Anish:
The simplest way to explain WadzPay is that we are building a blockchain-based payments ecosystem. You won’t have to consider whether you’re making payments in Bitcoin, USDT, IDRP, or even IDR: the whole system will work seamlessly. Best of all, all payments and transfers will be near-instant, and will save you money!

Tokoin — Vici:
well explained yet very simple! WadzPay = seamless🤩 Last week, we have announced our partnership between Tokoin and WadzPay, which leads to question no. 2!


Question no. 2: What will the partnership between Tokoin and WadzPay be like from both sides? Is it open to global expansion?

WadzPay — Anish:
We are really excited to embark on this journey together with Tokoin. With the accelerating pace of Tokoin’s development and business footprint, we can’t imagine a better partner. Together, we will be able to bring Tokoin: acceptance at merchants worldwide, more users, and the ability to use Tokoin to send funds to friends and family overseas.

And yes — we will go global with this partnership! Tokoin x WadzPay world domination 😊

Tokoin — Vici:
Definitely! with hard work & passion from both teams, everything could happen!💪🏼


Question no. 3: Could you please give us the latest updates here for WadzPay Development?

WadzPay — Anish:
We’ve come a very long way. On the marketing front, our advertising and social media programs have reached over 10 million people this year, and our PR programs have generated over 300 million reaches and received coverage by the likes of Yahoo.

On the product development start, we have beta tested our App which serves as the ‘front office’ for our platform. We have been busy fine-tuning this architecture to accept more protocols and to enable interoperability into the ‘world’ outside of crypto assets.

Tokoin — Vici:
300 million reach wow! What an achievement! alright! moving on to the next question!


Question no. 4: We see that your motto is “Interconnected World of WadzPay”, could you please explain the meaning of your motto?👀

WadzPay — Anish:
Great question! Right now payments systems exist in silos. They don’t talk to each other. The banking SWIFT/ACH systems are separate from other payments systems, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) aren’t plugged into these systems, nor are crypto assets. We aim to connect them all: we will be the technology layer that makes the whole world of payments interconnected.

Tokoin — Vici:
That’s a very interesting statement! it relates as well with your statement before👍🏻


Question no. 5: How can a cryptocurrency (like Tokoin) integrate with WadzPay? And what are the benefits?

WadzPay — Anish:
We are definitely looking to partner with more digital currencies, so the first step is to contact us and kick off a conversation. We will analyze your opportunities and work on a tailor-made solution that will elevate your business success.

Looking at Tokoin as an example, integrating with us will bring about:
• We know it’s difficult to spend your digital currencies. With us, you’ll be able to make payments at merchants worldwide.
• While sending digital currencies to others is easy for those of us who are tech-heads, the idea is difficult for most who are simply ‘crypto aware’, or don’t understand crypto. We make it easy to send funds overseas, and to the recipient, it’s almost like receiving fiat.
• Getting visibility for your digital currency is also important, and with both liquidity and marketing efforts showcasing you as one of our partners, we hope that your digital currency will perform

Tokoin — Vici:
Thank you for the explanation Anish! well explained yet easy to understand! next question would be…..


Question no. 6: Most of the questions people had during the AMA asked about the strengths of the project.

Since WadzPay is leading the next revolution of digital asset-based payments. So, at this time, can we talk about your difficulties and challenges? Have you faced any major problems in creating your project so far? And if so, how did you solve it? What is the status of your project now? Is there still a problem with your project?

WadzPay — Anish:
We are solutions, not problem-based companies. While any start-up experiences challenge when launching, we are constantly seeking solutions to overcome them. I suppose one of the challenges has been the fragmentation of cryptocurrency/stable coin protocols and the emergence of CBDCs. But we see this as an opportunity: we can unite all the protocols through one big umbrella/a technology layer.

I am very happy with how the project is going, and it’s no surprise because we have an incredibly talented (and constantly growing!) team who share my vision.

Tokoin — Vici:
So the mindset is, how to see a problem to a new opportunity! A talented team is indeed an asset for a company! good point you got there! alsoo let’s move on to the next question. It will relate to our pandemic situation nowadays.


Question no. 7: COVID-19 has a bad impact in almost every sector. So, how did it affect WadzPay? How have you and your team done the work in the pandemic?

WadzPay — Anish:
This may be controversial to say, but while COVID has been horrific at a social level, at a business level it has helped us. COVID drove payments away from cash, even in cash-heavy economies, towards digital payments. QR code usage significantly rose, with safe entry measures in many countries. E-commerce soared. As a digital payments platform, all these movements are priming us for success.

In terms of how we work, we’ve embraced remote work and have also hired more broadly from multiple geographies; we have a very unique and diverse team which helps us come up with unique solutions and ideas due to this diversity.

Tokoin — Vici:
totally understood! Most people (including me 😁) are now very cashless! Digital wallet and online payments now are the diva of the show. Most companies are applying for WFH and remote work as well. And the result is pretty productive too!🧑🏻‍💻

alright! we’re almost reaching the end of the AMA! so I wanna ask you a very very interesting question and I’m sure people here are curious!!


Question no. 8: We see that WadzPay has its own token (WTK), could you briefly explain? And where can we buy WTK? 👀🚀

WadzPay — Anish:
WTK is available to buy on BitMart exchange: https://www.bitmart.com/trade/en?symbol=WTK_USDT&layout=basic

We see a lot of potential for it now, especially since we have started announcing some of the partners we are working with including Tokoin and many more soon to be announced!

WTK brings lots of benefits to the WadzPay platform including lower fees for merchants, and more efficient settlement processes.

Merchants will need to settle subscriptions and other services using WTK, and tokens spent or used for settlement to fiat will be subjected to burns. Good news for token holders! We will continue to burn tokens until we have only 50% of the supply.

Tokoin — Vici:
oh wow guys! take a look at this! this might be a new opportunity for you😃 well explained & exclusive information from Anish Jain, as the CEO of WadzPay, only at our AMA! alright! I think we’re coming to the end of AMA…


Do you have any closing statement or something about this partnership for our audience today? Let’s get connected! What is WadzPay’s social media?

WadzPay — Anish:
Thank you so much for all the brilliant questions! Loved them all. Happy to be able to speak with the community you’ve built

Would be happy to connect with you all! We hope you like our Make every moment special with WadzPay campaign and it brings a smile to your face 😊

Linked In: Search WadzPay
IG: @wadzpay
FB: /wadzpay
Twitter: /wadzpay

Tokoin — Vici:
Of course! We’re so happy to have you here at our AMA as well!! 🥳 You guys can follow WadzPay’s Social Media for other updated news and information!

I think that’s all for our AMA today. I want to say a special thank you to Anish Jain & WadzPay Team that has been working closely with us to create this partnership!

WadzPay — Anish:
Thanks so much!


WadzPay.com is Driving Financial Inclusion whilst enabling broader acceptance. WadzPay will become THE DEFAULT Digital Payments Processor. We will build direct relationships between Financial Institutions (FI)/non-bank Financial Institutions (NFI), merchants and consumers. The WadzPay token WTK is available on Bitmart now.

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