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Why Tesla Buying Bitcoin is Even Bigger News than it Seems!

Those who checked Bitcoin’s (BTC) price over 8th-9th February (~+20%) might have experienced a confluent state of excitement and confusion. The collective intensity of the sound waves emanating from the shouts of joy of Bitcoin ‘HODLers’ all over the…

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What is Decentralised Finance (DeFi)? Why is it a ‘Big Word’ in 2021?

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) has recently been one of the hottest abbreviations in the cryptocurrency world. A lot of people want to invest in DeFi and use the term, but few understand what it really means? Simply put, DeFi is a game changer. DeFi ca…

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Why are Sovereign Digital Currencies Inevitable?

Cryptocurrencies are undeniably here to stay and governments around the world don’t want to be left behind. Driven by the rising interest in contactless payment, the high cost of cash, and reservations over the volatility in some cryptocurrencies, co…

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How Cryptocurrencies are Gamechangers for Charity & Philanthropy

Driving Financial Inclusion whilst enabling broader acceptance has always been the mission of WadzPay. With the adoption of Blockchain technology, transactions will be more accessible, scalable, agile, and efficient than ever before. As we move forwa…

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Cash is not king in China. The popularity of mobile payments.

Over the last few years, mobile payment has sprung up in all Chinese cities as a preference over cash and cards. Mobile payments are used when people buy goods or services from various businesses ranging from street vendors, supermarket chains to fan…

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