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Airdrops: A Win-win Solution for Both Blockchain Startups and Crypto Enthusiasts

Wondering how to get tokens for free? Many crypto enthusiasts are hunting for Airdrops where they receive a new virtual currency to their wallet addres…

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Why the Current “Crypto Crash” is Not the End of the Journey

Bitcoin price went down on May 2021


Regardless of market conditions, WadzPay’s core promise of bringing acc…

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Interview: The Need For Interoperability by Stas Madorski

What’s the major problem with traditional (fiat) payment systems? And what’s the benefit of cryptocurrencies in the long run? These are just some of the many common questions we received about this fascinating sector. CatchLearn More

How to Survive Bearish & Bullish Market: Stable Coins


The terms “bear” and “bull market” are frequently used to point out market conditions. Most investors are familiar with this, in order to und…

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What’s the difference between centralized and decentralized exchanges?

Similar to the stock market, a cryptocurrency exchange platform promotes virtual trading of cryptocurrencies. There are two types of cryptocurrency exchanges – centralized and decentralized (DEX). It is important to understand the difference between …

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How Bitcoin Finally Made Sense to Me: the Gold Rush



It was late 2017. A cacophony of acronyms, abbreviations and foreign concepts overwhelmed me as Bitcoin became the talk of mainstream med…

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Overwhelmed by Cryptocurrency Acronyms? Find Out What They Mean

Crypto can seem confusing for those new to the market.


WadzPay makes blockchain payments…

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Staking: Making the Most of Your Digital Assets

For those in the crypto world, ‘staking’ must be one of the most frequently mentioned terms. This article will discuss what staking means, how it works and some of the possible benefits of staking tokens.
Compared to mining, staking is less resource…

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