WadzPay x TomoChain: Enabling Blockchain Usability and Adoption

WadzPay has formed a strategic partnership with TomoChain – a highly innovative protocol that solves scalability issues on the Ethereum Blockchain We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with TomoChain to kick-start our initial strategic phase in Southeast Asia as well as to enable online and point of sale (POS) payment solutions. TomoChain is […]

Wadz Establishes Strategic Partnership with Tomo Global

We are ecstatic to announce our strategic partnership with Tomo Global to jointly enhance the growth of the SEA internet economy through the use of Blockchain technology. Tomo Global is an independent, community-driven organization, dedicated to transforming flows of value, governance, finance and virtually every aspect of our society with TomoChain protocol. With a wealth […]

Recap: Blockchain Industrial Impact & Wadz Beta Launch @ PSB Academy

Awesome Food & Awesome Folks First and foremost, huge thanks to all who showed support for our event which was co-organized with PSB Academy on 27th November 2019. The agenda of the event was on Blockchain Industrial Impact and to kick-start the launch of the Wadz Beta application. The event was a smashing success where guys […]

Singapore-based Startup, Wadz, Takes on Traditional Payment Firms with the Beta Launch of its Application

Revolutionary payment application, Wadz, is set to take on traditional payment firms, with its anticipated beta launch on November 25, 2019. Targeting emerging countries such as Indonesia and Vietnam as a start, Wadz offers an inclusive alternative payment technology that will be of benefit to both consumers and merchants. Wadz stands out by a number […]

Driving Financial Inclusion Using Blockchain and AI with Wadz

Asia Blockchain Review recently spoke to Anish Jain, CEO of Wadz, a company founded by the collaboration between experts from the payment and tech industry who have come together to deliver a smart payments engine with the objective to drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase adoption, while ensuring secure and hassle free payments. Anish talked […]

Asia’s #1 DJ Duo, Rave Republic, First in Asia to Accept Cryptocurrencies on Wadz Platform

Starting immediately, Singapore-based DJ Duo, Rave Republic, will accept cryptocurrency as a payment option. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been all the rage in the past year, causing quite a sensation. The push for cryptocurrency acceptance has been driven by dissatisfaction with the current financial systems and a push for decentralization. A number of professions and […]