Our Journey of Revolutionizing the Digital
Financial Ecosystem!

  • 2019-20:
    Making a

    In 2019-20, we embarked on a mission to transform the global payment landscape. Recognizing the potential of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) and Stable Coins, we foresaw their emergence as major disruptors to the existing payment infrastructure. We aimed to harness this disruptive force and bring innovative solutions to the financial world.

  • 2020-21:

    As time progressed, our vision gained traction, and in 2020-21, it became evident that CBDC and Stable Coins were indeed going to revolutionize the financial sector. The industry reached a consensus, and everyone agreed that these digital currencies were the future of payments.

    At WadzPay, we took it a step further by carving out a unique niche for ourselves. Our focus was on delivering a unified and seamless user experience across various form factors, be it CBDC, Fiat, or Digital wallets. We partnered with global leaders in Payments, Banking, and Processing to build an & Interoperability Layer & quot; that would be essential for the upcoming CBDC world.

  • 2022-23:

    Our efforts bore fruit, and in 2022-23, WadzPay’s groundbreaking technology was recognized and adopted worldwide. Our platform became the key that connected the entire digital financial ecosystem, providing innovative solutions and access to finance for the underbanked.

    Having accomplished our Proof of Concept successfully, we are proud to announce that WadzPay is expanding its footprint globally. We are now present in multiple regions, enabling businesses and individuals alike to experience the future of payments

Here are some of our Awards

Awards 1 – Fintech of the Future
Feathre Touch, 2023

Award 2 - Nominations for the category of Innovation Challenge
Commercial Bank of Dubai, 2023


*WadzPay is a B2B technology provider. All regulated activities featured in WadzPay 2.0 are conducted by licensed entities in applicable jurisdictions.